About the Norwalk Area United Fund

The Norwalk Area United Fund has been grounded in service to the Monroeville, Norwalk, and Wakeman communities since 1877. A group of women wanted to help neighbors in need. They realized that a bit of assistance in a time of crisis could prevent further problems from happening. They also held the belief that people had the right to certain basic necessities and in leading lives with dignity.


That same philosophy and compassion guides the Norwalk Area United Fund today. We serve by connecting people with needed resources and focusing on the greater good of the community. 

At our core, we raise funds that support programs that assist individuals and families and help change lives. We support programs that educate, care for the health and well-being of our community members, and support our neighbors in times of crisis.



All funds raised locally help locally.

We believe in supporting programs that help people achieve their greatest potential.

We ensure your donation has the greatest impact it can possibly have.

We harness the power of generosity to heal our neighbors and strengthen our community.

We help people navigate the social service system whether the 1st or 10th time. We do this with respect.

We identify needed resources and make them accessible.

We provide organizations the opportunity to coordinate service and care for our families in the best way possible.

We give people hope.



Our Mission is to Improve the Quality of Life in the Communities We Serve.